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Our menu of services offered with designers and therapists who are highly trained, experienced and competent. You are guaranteed quality service.

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Haircuts 4 to 6 week haircut maintains style and healthy hair.
Haircut Male: $23-$28
  Female: $27-$35
  Child (under 10): $18-$20
Shampoo $10
Hairstyle (shampoo/style) $23-$30
Formal Styling $55-$75
Conditioning $12
Color $45-$60
Foil (10 foils or less $55) $65-$90
Texture Wave $65-$85
Design Wave $120-$160

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Always Noticed, Always a Compliment to your Style.
Creme Manicure $22-$30
Creme Soak, File, Shape, Cuticle Trim
Hand / Arm Massage
Onfy.de, Polish


Hydrating Manicure $27-$35
Citrus Soak, Exfoliation
File, Shape, Cuticle Trim
Hand/Arm Massage, Paraffin Dip


Hydrating Paraffin Hand Treatment $15
Soothing Paraffin Dip
Final Moisturizing Protection


Pedicure $45
File, Shape, Cuticle Trim
Calf / Foot Massage


Hydrating Pedicure $50
File, Shape Cuticle Trim
Calf / Foot Massage
Paraffin Dip


Mint Pedicure $60
Sea Rock Soak
AHA Scrub
File, Shape, Cuticle Trim
Mint Marine Masque
Calf / Foot Massage


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Enhance your natural beauty, rejuvenate and improve your skin condition with personalized care.
Facials are done to help slow down the aging process, purify your skin and rejuvenate the cells within. Your treatment: Skin analysis, deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction, massage, treatment masque and final esthetic protection, see. Your esthetician will propose a treatment to meet your individual needs.

Regular treatments every four to six weeks are recommended.


Classic Facial $65
  Series of 6: $325
A one hour fifteen minute treatment to perfect, retexturize and rebalance.


Deep Pore Cleansing $70
  Series of 6: $350
A one hour fifteen minute treatment to benefit oil rich, blemished or acne skin.


Speciality Facials $85
Designed to simulate the skins vital functions, nourish and refine the skin.
Vitamin C Facial
High levels of Vitamin C, A and E aid in repairing the epidermis while retaining the skins youthful appearance.
Collagen Facial
An intensive treatment that instantly lifts and hydrates the skin.


Facial Extrodinaire $100
A one and one half hour treatment to leave the skin radiant.
Champagne Selection
Champagne Yeasts Extracts provide a unique nourishing, regenerating and revitalizing effect. This first class treatment activates and stimulates the skins metabolism while protecting it from the environment.
High Skin Refiner
This revolutionary anti-aging treatment is scientifically formulated to help improve elasticity and protect from the harmful effects of the environment.


Teen Facial (18 and under) $35
  Series of 6: $200
A forty five minute preventive, educational, no frills experience in proper skin care.


Gylocic Peels $45
  Series of 6: $210
Promotes a deeper exfoliation of dead skin cells, refines lines and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.


Eye Renewal $25
  Series of 6: $125
A facial for the delicate, vulnerable eyelid area.


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Can reduce hair growth with time, makes hair softer and thinner, leaves skin smooth.
Lip/Brow $12
Chin $13
Any Two Combinations $21
Full Face $27
Full Arm $30
Underarm $20
Half Leg $35
Full Leg $60
Full Leg w/Bikini $75-$95
Bikini $27-$45
Chest $30
Stomach $20
Full Back $40

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Personalized application accents your best features, adds to your total look.
Personal Consultation $35
Private Lesson $45
Evening/Event Make-Up $45
Eyelash Tint $13
Eyebrow Tint $13
Lash & Brow Combination $20

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Increase Energy, Improve Circulation, Detoxification and Relieving Stress
Tension Release $35
Relax, Soothe, Invigorate (1/2 hour)


Rejuvenating Full Body $60
Total Tune for the Body


Hot Stone Therapy $75
A warm extension of the therapist's hand. Deep penetrating heat releases knots, eases tight muscles and revitalizes the spirit.


Reflexology $35
All organs have pressure points or reflexes in the feet. We offer a foot cleanse and foot massage that will activate the body's own healing power.


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Until you make it there is never enough time to relax, unwind, to relieve stress. Consider adding a body treatment to your facial service.
Salt Glow $50
A treatment that gently exfoliates the body with Sea Salt, then replenishes with your choice of aromatherapy oil or lotion.


Mud Mask $60
A revitalized treatment using Moor Mud which is known for its therapeutic qualities. Detoxifies, hydrates and re-mineralizes the skin.


Back Treatment $35
  Series of 6: $175
A relaxing way to treat and beautify the back. Deep cleansing followed by an enzyme peel to remove skin impurities.


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Pure Indulgence $270
Full Body Massage, Specialty Facial, Hydrating Manicure, Pedicure, Scalp Massage, Shampoo, Hair Style and Make-Up Application. Complimentary lunch included.


Body Renewal $180
Pamper and renew from head to toe with our combination of your favorite body services. Manicure, Pedicure, One Hour Massage and Classic Facial


Vogue Delight $135
A unique way to indulge yourself in a makeover. Esthetic Consultation, Mini Facial with Collagen Eye Treatment, Full Face Make-Up Application with Lesson, Hair Style Consultation, Scalp Massage Shampoo, and Hair Cut & Style


Special Occasion $195
For any event where you want to look and feel your best. Mini Facial, Formal Hair Styling, Make-Up Application, Manicure, Pedicure


We ask for 10% down on spa packages.
This deposit will be forfeited without proper 48 hour cancellation notice.
Please see our cancellation policy.


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